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Logo Mondo Код товара: 415153

Logo Mondo

Rockport Publishers
Hitoshi Nagasawa

This is a replete, typography and logo collection, reflecting today’s urban aesthetic. The collection is a tour de force, brimming with...

Dreams of Empire Код товара: 1496287

Dreams of Empire

Random House, Inc.
Richards Justin

On a barren asteroid, the once-mighty Haddron Empire is on the brink of collapse, torn apart by civil war. The one man who might have saved it...

Fodor`s Barcelona Код товара: 1457983

Fodor`s Barcelona

Random House, Inc.

Barcelona is a top European destination for American travelers, and this stunning eguide features the city's biggest draws, from the cutting-edge...

Maximum Ride: The Manga. Volume 4 Код товара: 1163421

Maximum Ride: The Manga. Volume 4

Random House, Inc.
James Patterson

Despite their initial hesitation, living with Anne has softened the flock, so Max is keenly aware that it's time to leave. With Thanksgiving so...

Blood Canticle Код товара: 331959

Blood Canticle

Random House, Inc.
Rice Anne

Fiery, fierce, and erotic, Blood Canticle marks the triumphant culmination of Anne Rice's bestselling Vampire Chronicles, as Lestat tells his...

The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution Код товара: 1231243

The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution

Random House, Inc.
Ouspensky P. D.

Studies man in view of what he may become. Describes how a man must work simultaneously on his knowledge and his being to find inner unity.

Alex Cross's Trial Код товара: 1305598

Alex Cross's Trial

Random House, Inc.
Patterson James

While you wait for the next exciting installment in the Alex Cross series, I, Alex Cross (published November 2009 by Century), get your hands on a...

Blackwood Farm Код товара: 509856

Blackwood Farm

Random House, Inc.
Anne Rice

In her new novel, perennial bestseller Anne Rice fuses her two uniquely seductive strains of narrative - her Vampire legend and her lore of the...

The Verdict Код товара: 2528385

The Verdict

Random House, Inc.
Patterson James

James Patterson's BookShots. Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment. A woman violently attacked in her bed. A billionaire businessman on...

Last of the Gaderene Код товара: 1496295

Last of the Gaderene

Random House, Inc.
Gatiss Mark

The aerodrome in Culverton has new owners, and they promise an era of prosperity for the idyllic village. But former Spitfire pilot Alex Whistler...

Players Код товара: 1496300


Random House, Inc.
Dicks Terrance

Arriving on the sun-baked veldt in the middle of the Boer War, the Sixth Doctor is soon involved in the adventures of struggling politician and war...

Remembrance of the Daleks Код товара: 1493392

Remembrance of the Daleks

Random House, Inc.
Aaronovitch Ben

With unfinished business to attend to, the Seventh Doctor returns to where it all began: Coal Hill School in London in 1963. Last time he was here,...


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