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Lifelines. Elementary. Test Booklet Код товара: 2639068

Lifelines. Elementary. Test Booklet

Starr Keddle Julia

Проверочные тесты к учебнику Lifelines Elementary, совместное издание издательств РЕЛОД и Oxford University Press.

Matrix Pre-Intermediate Tests Код товара: 2265808

Matrix Pre-Intermediate Tests

Проверочные тесты к учебнику Matrix Pre-Intermediate, совместное издание издательств РЕЛОД и Oxford University Press

Revelations in Colour. Rossica № 7/8 Код товара: 2230354

Revelations in Colour. Rossica № 7/8

This issue of ROSSICA is dedicated to two great Russian artists, Dionisy and Vasily Kandinsky who were divided by four centuries. Both were iconic...

RELOD SELT 2015. Level 0. Test Код товара: 2640815

RELOD SELT 2015. Level 0. Test

Тесты RELOD SELT (Standardized English Language Tests) представляют собой стандартизированные тесты для оценки качества владения английским языком...

Budapest and the Best of Hungary Код товара: 1906788

Budapest and the Best of Hungary

James Ryan

Budapest, awakened in 1989 after its long slumber behind the Iron Curtain, is now one of Europe's hottest destinations. It stands proudly at the...

The Cold Heart and Nose, the Dwarf. Two German Tales Код товара: 2981623

The Cold Heart and Nose, the Dwarf. Two German Tales

Hauff Wilhelm

Wilhelm Hauff was a writer of extraordinary fancy and invention, but working for a more obvious purpose, and producing narratives more related in...

The Coral Island Код товара: 2981638

The Coral Island

Ballantyne Robert M.

Three teenage boys, the sole svirvivors of a shipwreck, find themselves marooned on a deserted island in the South Pacific. With little more than a...

Medium Things Notebook. Orange Код товара: 1954163

Medium Things Notebook. Orange

A beautifully crafted range of notebooks; manufactured using the very best materials, they come in a medley of colours.

Candide Код товара: 2981557



Why Does Voltaire's Candide Endure? Voltaire's masterpiece of satire Candide was written between July and December 1758 and published...

Count Robert of Paris Код товара: 2981572

Count Robert of Paris

Scott Walter

THEY WERE THE LITERARY PHENOMENON OF THEIR TIME: The Wavеrly novels, 48 volumes set in fanciful re-creations of the Scottish Highlands (and other...

Cherry Blossoms Код товара: 1719501

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossom is a symbol of evanescent beauty in Japan, and its soft pink colorations have been explored countless times by Japanese artists...


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