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Caring for Elephant Orphans Код товара: 2523952

Caring for Elephant Orphans

National Geographic Society
O'Sullivan Jill

Elephants in Africa are in trouble. Some lose their land to people. Some lose their families to hunters. But there is a special place in Kenya...

Country Mouse Visits City Mouse Код товара: 2524065

Country Mouse Visits City Mouse

National Geographic Society
O'Sullivan Jill

City Mouse invites his cousin Country Mouse for a visit. Together, the mice visit some of City Mouse's favourite places. Country Mouse likes the...

Getting to School Around the World Код товара: 2523958

Getting to School Around the World

National Geographic Society
Adams Dan

How do you get to school? Do you take a bus? A boat? Do you ride a subway? A camel? Read about some of the different ways that children around the...

Holiday Colours and Lights Код товара: 2523959

Holiday Colours and Lights

National Geographic Society
McPherson Stacy

Colour and light play an important part in holiday celebrations around the world. Read about the different ways that colours and light are used in...

Our World Readers: My Day Код товара: 2524069

Our World Readers: My Day

National Geographic Society
Bermejo Emiliano

Read as children and animals compare what they do every day. Does the elephant take a shower like the boy does? Do the horses play with their...

Our World Readers: The Tug-of-War: Pamphlet Код товара: 2499012

Our World Readers: The Tug-of-War: Pamphlet

National Geographic Society

One morning, the animals in the jungle had an argument. Some said Elephant was the strongest animal in the jungle. Others said Hippo was the...

The Ant and the Grasshopper Код товара: 2524070

The Ant and the Grasshopper

National Geographic Society
Porell John

Grasshopper is playing. He wants Ant to play too. But Ant is working. He is preparing for winter. What will happen to Grasshopper when winter...

The Three Bears Код товара: 2524145

The Three Bears

National Geographic Society
Davison Tom

Three little bears leave their house and go for a walk. What happens when a little girl comes into their house and discovers their food, their...

Too Many Animals Код товара: 2524141

Too Many Animals

National Geographic Society
Feldman Sofia

When it starts to rain, a butterfly flies into a shed. One by one, more animals join the butterfly. How many animals go into the shed? And will...

Tortoise and Hare's Race Код товара: 2523953

Tortoise and Hare's Race

National Geographic Society
McLoughlin Zoe

Tortoise exercises and eats well. Hare is lazy and eats lot of junk food. Still, Hare thinks he is faster than Tortoise, and challenges him to a...

What Jobs Do They Do? Код товара: 2524071

What Jobs Do They Do?

National Geographic Society
Reyes Jimena

Every day while you are at school, other people are at work. Read clues about some of the jobs people do. Can you guess each job?

Where are the Animals? Код товара: 2524121

Where are the Animals?

National Geographic Society
Ramirez Frankie

Where is the frog? Is it on a leaf? A flower? Come explore a mountain and its many animals.