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English-Russian. Dictionary Код товара: 2663103

English-Russian. Dictionary


This dictionary contains over 34,000 translations of the most common and useful Russian and English words and expressions. The dictionary is...

Ethan Frome Код товара: 439214

Ethan Frome

Edith Wharton

On a poor farm near Starkfield in western Massachusetts, Ethan Frome struggles to wrest a living from the land, unassisted by his whining and...

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets & Other Stories Код товара: 440435

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets & Other Stories

Stephen Crane

Maggie is an astonishing novel of social realism, which parallels many of today's ills. Set in the urban squalor of New York in the 1890s, it...

Mathilda & Other Stories Код товара: 1792437

Mathilda & Other Stories

Shelley Mary

Mathilda is Mary Shelley's haunting story of an incestuous and fatal love. The narrative traces the teenaged Matilda's reunion with her unnamed...

Measure for Measure Код товара: 440633

Measure for Measure

William Shakespeare

In the hope of saving her brother's life, should a woman submit to rape? Should the law be respected when its administrator is corrupt? How...

Perrault's Fairy Tales Код товара: 1167935

Perrault's Fairy Tales

Johnson A.E.

Eight of the twelve tales in this book are from the master hand of Charles Perrault (1628-1703). Although Perrault enjoyed much distinction in the...

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Код товара: 441077

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Rebecca Randall is one of seven fatherless children, but is full of fun and strange ideas. She leaves her family at Sunnybrook Farm and goes to...

Selected Short Stories Код товара: 441964

Selected Short Stories

Joseph Conrad

This specially commissioned selection of Conrad's short stories includes favourites such as Youth, a modern epic of the sea; The Secret Sharer, a...

The Collected Works of Nathanael West Код товара: 1090717

The Collected Works of Nathanael West

Nathanael West

A close friend of F. Scott Fitzgerald (he died in a car crash the day after Fitzgerald's death), Nathanael West wrote two classic American novels;...

The Coral Island Код товара: 438206

The Coral Island

R.M. Ballantyne

The story opens with the shipwreck on a Pacific Island of the young friends Ralph Rover and Jack Martin and Peterkin Gray. Despite the pleasurable...

The Cossacks and Other Early Stories Код товара: 1376330

The Cossacks and Other Early Stories

Tolstoy Leo

Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace and Anna Karenina, the greatest novels ever written, did not emerge from a vacuum. They were preceded by at least...

The Golden Bowl Код товара: 439261

The Golden Bowl

Henry James

Henry James's last completed novel, The Golden Bowl, is the story of two flawed marriages. The lives and relationships of Maggie Verver and her...

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