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On The Rock Код товара: 2702356

On The Rock

Transworld Publishers
McNab Andy

This is the call he is always ready for Theyve had word of a planned attack Thats why hes back here opposite some suit whos trying to tell him what...

Teach Yourself AutoCAD 2007 Код товара: 1413162

Teach Yourself AutoCAD 2007

Teach Yourself

AutoCAD is the leading computer aided design software used by architects, engineers and draughtspeople worldwide. Based on the latest release of...

Teach Yourself Access 2007 Код товара: 1413158

Teach Yourself Access 2007

Teach Yourself

Teach Yourself Access 2007 explains all the key aspects of this application from the user's angle. Written in a clear and enthusiastic style for...

Bimbos & Machos: A Photographic View of a 20th Century Phenomenon Код товара: 1311587

Bimbos & Machos: A Photographic View of a 20th Century Phenomenon

Tectum Publishers
Krols Birgit

Bimbos and machos. A match made in heaven: both are twentieth century cultural phenomena that are unrivalled in their straightforwardness. With...

AAD Art Architecture Design. City Guide London Код товара: 1318516

AAD Art Architecture Design. City Guide London

Olbrich Susanne

The ultimate selection of museums, galleries and architectural icons, as well as stylish hotels, restaurants and shop. Features insider tips,...

Oh My Dog! Код товара: 1354087

Oh My Dog!

Tectum Publishers
Poncelet Thierry

Art restorer Poncelet has a passion for nineteenth century ancestral portraits and a love for dogs. This blends into an unlikely but fascinating...

Teach Yourself Manage Your IT for Profit Код товара: 1370197

Teach Yourself Manage Your IT for Profit

Teach Yourself
Scott Traer

Photographer Traer Scotts portraits of dogs living in American shelters are endearing and heartrending, and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers...

Teach Yourself PC Networking for Small Business Код товара: 1409411

Teach Yourself PC Networking for Small Business

Teach Yourself
Price Anthony

Just as small enterprises - businesses, voluntary organisations etc - acquired their first PC's s a decade or more ago, they are now implementing...

AAD Rome Код товара: 1370209
Banquete: Nodes & Networks Код товара: 1240917

Banquete: Nodes & Networks

Turner Publishing

Since the 1990s, "banquete_" (a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and other thinkers, named for the Spanish word for...

Mugby Junction Код товара: 2094523

Mugby Junction

TBS mix
Dickens Charles

Compiled by Charles Dickens, Mugby Junction is a intriguing composite of tales ranging from horror to a realistic portrayal of life around a...

Diamonds and Precious Stones Код товара: 2883642

Diamonds and Precious Stones


Glittering jewels and precious stones, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires have from time immemorial held a special fascination because of...


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