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Postcards 1 Language Booster Код товара: 259099

Postcards 1 Language Booster

Abbs Brian

* Confident English withgrammar practice and communicative activities. * Interaction with pair andgroup activities. * Games andFun with Grammar...

Postcards 4: Language Booster Workbook with Grammar Builder Код товара: 259119

Postcards 4: Language Booster Workbook with Grammar Builder

Abbs Brian

Postcards' attractive magazine-like pages, engaging storylines, dialogues and real-life characters motivate students and make learning fun. Consistent...

Puss-in-Boots Код товара: 259198


Crook Marie

Puss-in-Boots is a very unusual cat. He wears long boots and is so clever that he makes his master a rich and happy man.

Ready to Order. Student's Book Код товара: 259269

Ready to Order. Student's Book


Ready to Order is for students training to become or working as chefs, bartenders or waiting staff. It provides the language training they need to...

Stories from the Odyssey Код товара: 259771

Stories from the Odyssey


One of a series of simplified educational editions written for learners of English as a foreign language.

The Tinderbox Код товара: 260093

The Tinderbox

Hans Christian Andersen

A soldier finds a magical tinderbox, which makes all his wishes come true.

Tom Thumb Код товара: 260101

Tom Thumb

Crook Marie

A man and a woman wish for a child - even one as small as a man's thumb.

Outline of English Literature Код товара: 258844

Outline of English Literature

Roberts G.

A survey of the English prose, poetry and drama of Great Britain and Ireland from earliest times to the 1980s.

Ricky the Robot 1. Students Book Код товара: 1184615

Ricky the Robot 1. Students Book

Simmons Naomi

A robot in the classroom?! Yes - it's Ricky a loveable robot who makes English language learning special and fun for young learners. Through...

Аудиокассета. English Adventure 3 Class Cassette 1 (количество кассет: 2) Код товара: 256468

Аудиокассета. English Adventure 3 Class Cassette 1 (количество кассет: 2)

* Gently-paced and well-structured syllabus with strong recycling and revision to ensure maximum retention. * Extensive range of activities that...

Sky 1 Test Book Код товара: 259560

Sky 1 Test Book

Fairhurst Andrew

Sky is a four-level course for you students. Flexible and easy to teach, Sky gives students the motivation to learn the confidence to succeed in...

The Scarlet Letter Код товара: 259352

The Scarlet Letter

Hawthorne Nathaniel

Hester Prynne is a young wife who has sinned in the eyes of her society. In the rigid moral climate of 17th-century New England, she endures a...