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Dick Whittington Код товара: 256318

Dick Whittington

Crook Marie

Dick Whittington is off to seek his fortune in London, where people say that the streets are paved with gold.

FCE (First Certificate in English) Gold Exam Maximiser without key Код товара: 256684

FCE (First Certificate in English) Gold Exam Maximiser without key

Burgess Sally

Tailor-made for the revised First Certificate in English examination, this course offers graded practice, advice and guidance, equipping students...

Ghosts Код товара: 257091


Williams Melanie

Full of facts about ghosts and real-life ghost stories. What are ghosts really like?

My Home Код товара: 258367

My Home

Margaret Lo

Short stories, fun activities and all sorts of fascinating facts about different homes around the world.

Postcards 1 Student's Book Код товара: 259101

Postcards 1 Student's Book

Abbs Brian

Postcards is an American English series for young teenagers that aims to spark learners` interest with real-life topics and characters, creative...

Quest 2 Pupil's Book Код товара: 259211

Quest 2 Pupil's Book

Lazzeri Gabriella

This three-level series is organised around highly-motivating adventure stories, providing an exciting alternative to conventional coursebooks...

Splash 3 Activity Book Код товара: 259745

Splash 3 Activity Book

Brian Abbs

"Splash" is a four-level course for 7 to 12 year-olds, which has been designed to make learning English easy and fun. It combines English with...

Super Tots 3 Activity Book Код товара: 259879

Super Tots 3 Activity Book

Krause Aleda

SuperTots provides a solid base for even the youngest of students to develop their language skills. This series contains an engaging mix of fun...

The Amazing Universe Код товара: 255721

The Amazing Universe

Shipton Paul

The Universe is amazing and learners can find out all they need to know about the planets and our solar system in this book full of fantastic...

The Golden Goose Код товара: 257214

The Golden Goose

Hughes Annie

A simple but goodhearted boy finds happiness with the help of a golden goose.

The Princess & the Frog Код товара: 259180

The Princess & the Frog

Cook Marie

A beautiful princess meets an ugly frog. She doesn't like the frog or want to help him, but she soon learns not to judge by appearances.

A Monkey’s Tale Код товара: 258232

A Monkey’s Tale

Hudis N.

Two communities of monkeys have been divided for centuries - are deeply suspicious of one another. When Kom, a mischievous teenage monkey from the...