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Travel Pack: Paris Код товара: 1409448

Travel Pack: Paris

New Holland
Shales Melissa

The highly successful "Globetrotter Travel" series, which includes Travel Guides, Maps and Road Atlases, presently covers more than 80 destinations...

Alaskan Ice Climbing Код товара: 2576272

Alaskan Ice Climbing

National Geographic Society
Waring Rob

Many people visit Alaska to see the beautiful national parks. One group of visitors wants to fly into a national park and go skiiing. However, the...

How's the Weather?: 2200 Headwords Код товара: 2565444

How's the Weather?: 2200 Headwords

National Geographic Society

The weather on Earth is always changing. One day it's cloudy, the next day it's sunny, and the day after that - who knows? Well, meteorologists do!...

Saving the Pandas! Код товара: 2714140

Saving the Pandas!

National Geographic Society

Giant Pandas are considered the national treasure of China. Unfortunately, these animals are becoming extinct. The people of China are working hard...

Snow Magic! Код товара: 2549062

Snow Magic!

National Geographic Society
Waring Rob

Snow is very important for Dan Raedeke. The success of his business depends on it. But this year, it's too warm for natural snow, and Dan needs...

Water Sports Adventure Код товара: 2524112

Water Sports Adventure

National Geographic Society
Waring Rob

This story is about water sports in the Columbia River Gorge. Cory Roeseler lives in the area and he loves water, sports, and going fast! Roeseler...


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