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Soviet Grotesque, vol.2 Код товара: 1239201

Soviet Grotesque, vol.2

Glas New Russian Writing
Perova Natasha

This issue of Glas has a subtitle Soviet Grotesque and our subsequent numbers will follow a similar pattern, dealing with such themes as The...

Red Bread Код товара: 1226178

Red Bread

Glas New Russian Writing
Genis Alexander

These literary pieces by one of Russia's foremost essayists reflect the author's bi-culturalism – Russian and American civilizations are compared...

Human Anatomy. Wall Chart Код товара: 1132627

Human Anatomy. Wall Chart


Human anatomy and physiology. Body systems and their functions.

Crossword Dictionary Код товара: 211558
School English Dictionary Код товара: 1094173

School English Dictionary


The School English Dictionary is a modern, comprhensive and accessible reference aid with over 18,000 concise entires and over 40,000 definitions.

School English Thesaurus Код товара: 1094175

School English Thesaurus


The School English Thesaurus comprises over 4,400 entries with parts of the word in use, synonyms and associated common English phrase and idioms -...

Webster’s Concise English Dictionary Код товара: 211637

Webster’s Concise English Dictionary


This new dictionary of today's English is an invaluable reference sourse for all those with an interest in the English language. With meanings and...

Childhood Код товара: 1416902


Glas New Russian Writing

In this collection, centred on the theme of Childhood, we offer two early stories by Andrei Bitov which reflect the growing awareness in children...

Chansons pour elle et autres poemes erotiques Код товара: 1138441

Chansons pour elle et autres poemes erotiques

Paul Verlaine

Pour exorciser le souvenir de ses amours passionnées avec Rimbaud, Verlaine se lance à corps perdu dans l'ivresse poétique et...

La femme d'un autre et le mari sous le lit Код товара: 1092492

La femme d'un autre et le mari sous le lit

Fedor Dostoievski

Persuadé que sa femme le trompe, Ivan Andréiévitch est prêt à tout pour confondre l'infidèle. Il la suit et la guette...


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