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My Antonia Код товара: 1225382

My Antonia

Dover Publications
Cather Willa

One of Cather's earliest novels — written in 1918 — is the story of Antonia Shimerda, who arrives on the Nebraska frontier as part of a family of...

Sticker Activity Ballerinas Код товара: 2463685

Sticker Activity Ballerinas

Dorling Kindersley

These are action-packed sticker books full of Ballerina facts and fun. "Sticker Activity Ballerina" is packed with over 250 easy-peel, reusable...

De Profundis Код товара: 1760960

De Profundis

Dover Publications
Wilde Oscar

Oscar Wilde wrote I don't defend my conduct, I explain it, when he was imprisoned in Reading Gaol in 1895 for his violation of England's stringent...

Adventure of the Dancing Men and other Sherlock Holmes Stories Код товара: 281151

Adventure of the Dancing Men and other Sherlock Holmes Stories

Dover Publications
Doyle Arthur Conan

Four superb stories featuring the peerless sleuth and his faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson: "The Adventure of the Dancing Men", "The Adventure of the...

Cheklash and Other Stories Код товара: 1632042

Cheklash and Other Stories

Dover Publications
Gorky Maksim

Three short stories from the great Russian writer, including the title story, in which a thieving vagrant takes on a young, unwilling apprentice;...

Almayer's Folly Код товара: 1363173

Almayer's Folly

Dover Publications
Conrad Joseph

Lush prose and penetrating psychological insight infuse Conrad's first novel with the qualities that have made him one of the most popular and most...

The Duel and Other Stories Код товара: 1083911

The Duel and Other Stories

Dover Publications
A. P. Chekhov

Six selections from the famed Russian showcase his natural aptitude for detail, dialogue, humor, and compassion. Includes The Darling, a poignant...

Faust Код товара: 2073483


Goethe Wolfgang

Die Reihe Einfach klassisch macht auch ungeübte Leserinnen und Leser mit klassischen Stoffen bekannt und versucht, ihr Leseinteresse zu...

Let's go to Dinosaurland (+ Audio CD) Код товара: 1459089

Let's go to Dinosaurland (+ Audio CD)

Mullan Anton

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What was the biggest meat-eater that ever lived? Which dinosaur was about the size of a chicken? What did...

Body Snatcher and Other Tales Код товара: 1760958

Body Snatcher and Other Tales

Dover Publications
Stevenson R.L.

From the famed author of such popular adventure stories as Kidnapped and Treasure Island, come these 3 tales of horror and the supernatural. Contents...

The Story of My Life Код товара: 2027685

The Story of My Life

Dover Publications
Keller Helen

Great story of human courage and dedication recounted in autobiography of a remarkable woman: the magical moment when Miss Keller first recognizes...


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